Consultant, lecturer, speaker and entrepreneur

My mission is to be a driving force for ambitious people and companies in achieving their goals by strengthening them in their path to their dreams as a consultant, lecturer and motivational speaker.

I am currently involved in various organisations and entrepreneurial projects.

My services

With almost 8 years experience in commercial projects across Europe, I provide 3 main services.

Business consultant

Looking for a consultant to add significant value to your business? Let’s have a chat.

Lecturer & Speaker

In need of a guest lecturer or keynote speaker for a slot at your event? Let’s discuss the topics.

Global Trade

Looking to import or export a specific type of food or beverage? Get in touch with me.

About me

I have learned to give. Not because I have too much, but because I have known the feeling of not having.

My journey started when my mother gave birth to me during the 1994 Genocide in Rwanda while fleeing the country. I spent 4 years in Kenya with my family before finding asylum in Belgium at age 4. My dad passed away in a plane crash a year later which left me being raised by a single mom together with my two older brothers. Marked by these setbacks, I grew up in a hardworking family with the resilient mindset of grabbing all opportunities and facing every challenge. During my youth I studied Latin and Science-Mathematics in Ghent, Belgium and graduated from the Artevelde University of Applied Arts with a BBA in Business Administration, International Entrepreneurship.

During my last year, I spent a semester in Toronto, Canada as part of an exchange program followed by an internship at Anheuser-Busch InBev in Prague before being offered my first full-time contract there. This was the start of my international career during which I spent 1,5 years working in Prague, 4 years in London and a year in Belgium. After working 7 years at the world’s biggest brewer and top 10 FMCG in various sales and marketing roles, I decided to become self-employed and pursue further dreams. I am currently involved in various organisations and entrepreneurial projects and investments. This is part of my path towards my dream of becoming a venture capitalist and philanthropist.

Jean-Luc is a true professional with a forward thinking mentality. He is also a true human forward gentleman, with an eye for the person behind the CV, when we presented him with candidates during his tenure as CX Manager Direct Sales Belgium at Anheuser-Busch InBev. I can only use superlatives to describe working together with Jean-Luc.

Annik Lamin
Talent Forward at Randstad Belgium

It has been a real pleasure working with Jean-Luc thanks to his key qualities that brought the team to another level: taking the time to coach and lead, great listener, structured and looking for innovative ways to be more efficient, transparent and open for feedback. Challenging positively peers.

Nicolas Jelasity
Senior Key Account Manager at Procter & Gamble

JL is an exceptional team player and a fantastic and natural leader. He is always willing to help coach and develop his peers, but also his leaders. He delivers strong long-term results, as well as facilitating change and education within the work space.

Kate Nissen
Senior National Account Manager at Deliveroo

It's important when building high performing teams, to employ diverse and highly talented individuals, and I can hand on heart say JL was one of the most talented individuals to work for me, and this is exacerbated when you look at the pace of his career and promotion at AB InBev. I highly recommend JL to work as part of any team or any project.

Luke White
Commercial Controller at AB InBev

Jean-Luc was my senior manager for half a year during my time as CX but his involvement made him more of a partner. Indeed, he adopted a hands-on approach to better understand what his team is living day to day. This approach has been essential in his leading with D&I, excellence, and creativity. He was also invested in furthering the team's career giving clear and actionable feedback, as well as creating learning opportunities. I firmly believe that any employee would be happy with having Jean-Luc as manager.

Alex Ruscea
Budweiser Brand Manager at AB InBev

Having worked with Jean-Luc I can say that he is fantastic at his job. While managing our account whenever there were issues that needed to be resolved he was professional, helpful and always came up with great solutions. On a personal note, I looked forward to conversing with him as he had great incites into trends in the beer industry. Jean-Luc is someone who always gives of his best!

Jason Shongwe
Co-owner at NuAfrica Duty Free

We had a successful journey working together back in the Travel Retail & Export business at AB InBev. Jean-Luc is a professional who considers multiple insights and diverse perspectives when taking decisions. Not afraid to take calculated risks and very comfortable to raise his voice in order to challenge the status quo. I would highlight the mix of people skills with his customer drive.

Armando Nascimento
Head of Trade Marketing, Travel Retail & Export at AB InBev

Jean-Luc was my team lead for about 2 months whilst I worked at CX. His natural leadership and communication skills combined with his always positive attitude made him a highly enjoyable team lead to work for and with. Jean-Luc was always ready to give advice or help me when needed. I'm very thankful to him for giving me the opportunity to start my professional career and wish him all the best for the future!

Emil Todorov
International Business Management Student at Artevelde UAS

Working with Jean-Luc was always a pleasure during his time within the marketing team of AB InBev and ZX Ventures. As a service provider to ZX; working with people who understand the industry who are open to discuss how we can improve and evolve together was extremely important. I especially appreciated Jean-Luc's honesty which allowed us to get to things that are common and really matter.

Josh Walker
Head of US CPG Business Development & Partnerships at NIQ Brandbank

Working with Jean-Luc was always a pleasure, defining detail without ever losing sight of the bigger picture, and bringing creative ideas together with structured process. Jean-Luc works with great enthusiasm that you can’t help but strive to match, and his attention to detail and quality are fastidious. Always open to suggestion and guidance and equally capable to direct and manage in return.

Chris Caldwell
Packaging Production Manager at Tag

Jean-Luc's guest lecture, about 'Planning your international career' at Artevelde University of Applied Sciences, was highly educational. The idea of creating a career map was new to me, but it will definitely help me to look for the right internship. Jean-Luc presents in an interesting way, and he is very good at adapting to the target audience. I definitely recommend him as a speaker, and would immediately attend other lectures by him.

Friele Callewaert
International Business Management Student at AUAS

The presentation really gave me a clear idea about a possible future career. This information is one of the most important things that should be thought to the student. Artevelde should take notes…

Kian Nadjmi
International Business Management Student - AUAS

Very interesting to listen to him and see that he really knows what he is talking about

De Maesschalck Vik
International Business Management Student - AUAS

Very interesting session. I’ve learned a lot about what to do after graduating in 1 hour.

Jarno Saeys
International Business Management Student at AUAS

It’s great to hear how someone experienced the beginning of his career path. The luck and the setbacks it came with.

Lars Roelandt
International Business Management Student - AUAS

Great public speaker. He had prepared his slides well! He gave many tips that are useful for the students’ next move.

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