As an all-round manager & business developer with experience in sales, marketing, e-commerce and customer experience I aim to strengthen businesses in their strategy and day to day activities. My passion lays in key account management and business development, focusing on growth and expansion, where my excellent communication and passionate presentation skills have proven to be a competitive advantage for any organisation I've represented. As a results-driven person, I get excited to help businesses grow by taking on commercial challenges and by passionately negotiating better deals while managing the budgets and the P&L.

Lecturer & Speaker

After coaching and mentoring several individuals and leading a large team at a global multinational, I have found my passion in understanding the needs and aspiration of individuals and businesses to be able to inspire and motivate them with my insights.

Next to being a lecturer at the Artevelde University of Applied Arts, I also provide keynotes and guest lectures at events. After listening to your needs, I can speak about various subjects in sales, marketing, change management and career strategy and deliver a tailored keynote or workshop for your audience.

Global Trade

My international experience and regular travels to East-Africa have equipped me with a network of international trade and suppliers.

In 2020 I was asked to lead an extensive export project for global brands such as Budweiser, Stella Artois and Corona which has left me with invaluable international relations and export knowledge.

Today I have access to a range of food and beverages for imports and exports through a network of global wholesale suppliers. My focus is on agricultural products from East-Africa and alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages worldwide.

If you’re looking for a specific type of food or beverage brand, I can explore several routes and facilitate along the process.

As an aspiring venture capitalist and philanthropist, I am open to discuss promising impactful projects to invest my time, efforts and funds in. This can be in the form of mentorship, coaching, collaboration or financial investment. I am happy to receive summaries of projects or ideas and to get in touch for further exploration.  

Business mentor & investor

Universal Consulting Group BV
T.a.v. Jean-Luc Habiyambere Sangwa

IBAN: BE09 7330 7158 8757